Tha Dashie

It is all about who you are man, know yourself before you know another.

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What on Earth?

Hey there fellow Salad! Salad you may say? Yes you are a salad, I guess we all are salads. A mixture of organic material that is. Fascinating is it not? Regardless though, I am Dashie and I would like to shake your hand but eh, yea I can not do so right now. So, uhm, most website would have a description of who the person behind the website is, right? Well, I am sorry to disappoint you lads, but I am forever changing, the description I may give you now may not be the same as tomorrow. I know right, annoying! Anyways, if you want to get the know the DASH (that is me) then you can check out my publications (books and software even, if you look deep enough!) over here on my GitHub.

Okay, so, what is this website about? I am just trying to share projects I work on and other activities such as the books I write and what not. It is really a mixture of all kinds of various things alike. All I can say for certain is that you will find me on here, not someone else. DASHIE!