Kvinne Kraft

Satisfaction is what most of us strive for.


Programming is one of those nearly magickal things that I am able to find my own satisfaction within and I am glad to finally be able to share this satisfaction with those who are wiling to find out about it.

I try to satisfy my customers as good as I possibly can with what I have to offer.


I will make sure that my creations are engineerd using the smoothest codes.



My services are not that expensive, sometimes they can even be free!


Whether you are looking for computer software....


Or perhaps a website, I can fulfill your needs to a certain extent.


I will always keep you up to date about any changes if you wish.






I do all of that what I do because I want to do what I feel like doing, being free like a fluffy bird...

I have been programming and teaching how to program for several years now.

If you are interested in my services then in such a case you can contact by emailing me.

Some Images

The engine of the car

I can make things work the way I make them work because I want to make them work in such a way, because I can do this am I capable of doing so many things you are not likely to see any other individual do in the manner that you will spot me doing it in.

Coding and eating cookies is just simply what I do....